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We would like to be your Internet Marketing Partner. I know, I know, EVERYONE wants to be your partner. BUT, we offer something the others CANNOT! We offer ENJOYMENT! We ENJOY our work and that shows in our results! We are not just another company doing this work as a task. Every time a new client comes to us to help them with marketing their product or service it brings fresh creative juices to the fore. We are more then just a Web Design Company, we provide consulting regarding your business on the 'Net! We can take old outdated sites and give them a fresh new look, we can assist with your marketing plan for the Internet, or create one specifically for YOU. We take this as a challenge to our creativity and attack it with the fervor that only the truly enthusiastic can understand. Let us bring this to you and your Company! You won't be disappointed!

Professional Business Systems is more then just a web publishing company. Anyone with a few dollars can put a Web site on the Internet. There are several software packages available to do this. In fact a lot of so called "web designers" do just that...they have a template for a Web page and just change the names and addresses and 'poof' there is you Internet site. They rarely, if ever, MARKET your business. Consider it equivalent to a listing in your local telephone directory white pages. This is not Marketing.

We at Professional Business Systems can MARKET your business. We take the time to consult with you and get a real feel for your business. Once we have that, we also get the mind set of your Company and can truly Market your business on the Internet. We don't just list your business with a few search engines, we actively and CONTINUALLY search for new and better places to bring your company name to the fore. We continue this process as long as you want us to. We are ACTIVE participants in your Marketing plans. We search out similar, like-minded sites and arrange reciprocal linkages, to gain you more exposure. We are familiar with Commercial Marketing Services on the Internet and can guide you to the best bang for your buck. We have had years of experience both in Marketing and Internet Design. We have a proven track record, our site has won numerous awards, and we have designed sitesboth in Canada AND the United States.

The creation of a web site is only a small portion of your Internet marketing plan. You are a professional, go with the professionals in your marketing as well...go with Professional Business Systems!

Email us today for a free evaluation of your Internet needs!

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