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The Elite Achievement Winners!
Welcome To Our Elite Achievement Winners Section
These sites have been deemed to be of above average as compared to similar sites on the Web. THe criteria for these awards is:

General Criteria - All Awards
All sites nominated must meet the following minimum criteria to be eligible to win an award:

  • There must be no pages "Under Construction" or "Coming Soon".
  • The site must not be from a free hosting service such as Geocities, Angelfire, etc. (they are just too transient and there is less of a guarantee they will be on-line in the future).
  • The site must be the top domain, it cannot be a subdirectory of the main domain (ie www.yourdomain.com/nominatedpage)
  • The site may not contain adult or illegal content.
  • The site must not contain objectionable language.
  • The site must have a purpose or a theme - not just a collection of links.
  • The site must comprise at least 10 printable pages or sections.
  • The site must be in English or have an English version available.
  • The site must be viewable in both Netscape 4+ and Explorer 5+.
  • We do not accept submissions from children under the age of 14 (Children's On-line Privacy Protection Act)
  • We've got to think it's cool!
  • All award nominations will be reviewed within 2 weeks of submission.

In addition:
Elite sites are great sites that incorporate all the attributes of the Content, Design and Technical awards and demonstrate both skill and concern on the part of the author(s) and owner(s). They should work flawlessly regardless of the browser or platform used, not contain any spelling or grammatical errors, and no broken links. This is a hard award to win, and needs to make us go "WOW!"

If you have any suggestions please contact us; we'd love to hear your feedback.

Elite Award

Elite Award
Elite Winners

smiley.gif - 130 Bytes Website Design by Cen-net Associates

smiley.gif - 130 Bytes Janis Ian

smiley.gif - 130 Bytes It's Raymond's Website!

smiley.gif - 130 Bytes Korea Award

smiley.gif - 130 Bytes Elexica - the online legal resource for lawyers by lawyers

smiley.gif - 130 Bytes Jiuzhaigou - A Virtual Tour

smiley.gif - 130 Bytes SWART Digital Art

smiley.gif - 130 Bytes ELAC Auctioneers & Appraisers, LLC

smiley.gif - 130 Bytes Art and science in the first Italian '900

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