Troop 1027: Edwardsville, IL

Boy Scouts' Adventure

Boy Scouts is a great experience for all people. You'll meet new friends, experience new adventures, and have fun. there are many activities such as camping and swimming. And earn money from sales to support your troop. Troop 27 has had many adventures and had plenty of fun. I'll tell you some of these things.
On our trip to Camp Sunnen in MO was a blast! It is a camp that lasts a week. At this camp we go swimming every day. We earn merit badges to advance in rank and we cook our own meals. The staff hides one night and you have to find them to get tickets. The group with the most tickets wins. You also get great opportunities to see wild life. No one wants to leave at the end, but we have to. we pile up our gear and head home.
On one occasion we went to the St. Louis arch. There we learned about the history of the Midwest. Our main purpose being,the Indian lore badge. We learned about Native Americans' life styles and games, but the best part was going up in the arch. We could see the courthouse and Bush Stadium. It was a great view! After that we had chow at McDonald's. As you can see, my troop has a lot of fun!!
In Boy Scouts you also have small amounts of work to do. Moving up to the next rank takes physical and mental work. Exercising and swimming are things you do that take physical work. Earning merit badges such as communicator and atomic energy take brain power, but that's up to you. Do what you do best.

Edwardsville IL 62025

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