Commission on the Public's Health System

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NYC Health Care Is At Risk!

Our public hospitals and clinics are being starved of cash, and more and more New Yorkers are forced into HMO's.
And more of us lose health insurance or Medicaid every day!
Who can we turn to when we need a doctor and can't pay for it?
....It's up to you and the Commission on the Public's Health System, a non-profit group of patients, nurses, doctors, community members, and unions fighting to keep the health system that BELONGS TO US alive and able to take care of us when we need it.
Call or e-mail if you have ideas about what's wrong with public health care in NYC, or if you've had problems getting medicine or help from a public hospital or clinic.
Contact us if you're interested in our reports:
- A Way from the Market Place (about people without insurance trying to get medical care
- The Human Cost of Efficiency: HHC in the Era of Budget Reductions

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