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Web Site Translation

If your target market is NOT English and you would like to have your website in another language we can help!

The Process:

  1. - Send your wording to us in plain text.
  2. - Identify the language you wish to have it translated into.
  3. - We prepare a mirror of the English page in the language of your choice.
  4. - Either we host the page and you link from your site to ours or...
  5. - We send you the site in ZIP format for you to load onto your site (appropriate fonts must be installed on your site)

Some of the more requested languages we translate in are:

checkRussian checkChinese checkGerman
checkFrench checkSpanish checkCyrillic
checkArabic checkFasi checkJapanese


Rates depend on the language chosen and are based on a per-word basis. Rates begin at $0.25 per word and up depending on the language selected.


For first time clients, 50% of the fee in advance and balance on completion. Clients who have used our services before pay on completion of the project.

Through our worldwide network of individual translators we can provide translations in 50+ languages. More languages being added on a regular basis. To find out more drop us a Note!

Do you provide translation between English and another language? If so drop us a note and become one of our contractors!

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